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June 20, 2019

Welcome to my journey

12 things to prepare for traveling


hello guys, just want to share my story about traveling, hope you guys enjoy it.

so first thing, this article is from my experience so you guys need to get some extra information elsewhere, consider this as additional information. so let’s get started.

  1. Identification,
    you gotta need to prepare your passport if you are going to go abroad, but other than that your id would be okay.
  2. Destination,
    of course you have to go somewhere, so when you are already choose your destination then. every few months there are travel fair usually in mall or maybe online website, so you could choose your destination there.
  3. Budget,
    you have to know what it is that you want and how much does it cost you, then you can start making estimation according your planning. after you had your budget then.
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  4. Transportation.
    for plane, you gotta find your schedule and your budget and airline schedule where they can give you good price when there is event such as “travel fair”. you can reduce your budget by taking train or walking if you are able to do it if your staying near to center or maybe near to where you are going.
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  5. Accommodation.
    you can choose between hotel and pairing with friends, or you could choose other platform like airbnb or airy for place to stay, the rate would be totally different because their service is different (while other said it the same). different because the service is different because a place like airbnb would be located in a place such as community places, while in hotel you get the best place in road or maybe in the main road. and the service is different, in hotel you probably got breakfast and cleaned room, but staying in airbnb you got to clean yourself, which i am okay to do it because i also want to feel how to be society there. such as when to throw the garbage, being a part of community is also could be your one of your main objective for traveling.
  6. Culinary plan,
    for some of traveler they put some culinary as their purpose, while for others they prefer traveling places, so if you are going to do the culinary, my suggestion is there is no limit until you make it. trust me, you have to sorting out what type of culinary you want to, such as snacks or drinks or meal. there is ton of it in just one country or maybe one county. for me i would try to find out what is their local cuisine, that is the first one to look for because we are going to other people country, their culture sometimes or mostly represent by their food, and then it will evolve and start become unique. for example, you can see kimchi as one of korea main side dish, but there are thousand of different kimchi (i probably try 20 of them and i still can not know what is the different, haha)
  7. Maps,
    you gotta need it either in apps on your phone or real maps. somewhere you gotta lost somewhere or just planned to lost suddenly or maybe you just don’t have plan and just do it whatever comes on that day. either just in case you want to do something or meet somebody or maybe just want to go something new, you going to need map where you are.
  8. travel equipment. so if you are using all electronic stuff such as camera, smartphone, tablet or laptop then you gotta need the one and the most important which is universal adapter, i have lost and even forgot to bring this device and i have trouble searching when you arrived here this is not a joke, i can be super annoying if i don’t have this because we could not charge and using our stuff. especially when you are using all of them and it happens you forgot. don’t forget your toiletries it also important.
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  9. Bags,
    your bag or trunk can be your worst enemy or your best friend. what i mean is, depends on places and where you want to be, sometimes less is better. but when you have baby or toddler, you gonna need a lot to prepare so preparing their stuff could be a quiet challenge, my tips are wear that can be wear repeatedly and start searching in area where you can find stuff where it can reduce your bag weight (such as diapers or maybe toiletries). but if you are just going with your friends or relatives, then you can reduce significantly your stuff.
  10. Toiletries,
    why i bring this up? because you do not need all of this. if you stay in hotel probably they will provide it for you, airbnb also provide it also except when you have special need which is you can not buy in your destination. but i never use this
  11. partner in crime. who is your partner will determine and affect your planning, if you are going as family then you have to arrange places where you can go as family (going where it’s dangerous will be not a good idea) or maybe a long road is not suitable for family especially when you bring elderly with you. my first traveling was with my ex girlfriend (now my wife), i never went to traveling at all before that.
  12. your mental health. honestly, sometimes we go travel just to avoid our routine in our daily activities but some are traveling for open their eyes, and some would travel to look something new, making new friends, look for a new place, looking a new environment and so on. i never went traveling before i got married, my wife open my eyes when we went to bali for the first time. it’s true, every time my friend asked me to go even to the big city, i refused and just working and never thought that it can help your mindset and your mental health. sometimes you need to go somewhere just to open you eyes about things around you.
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