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June 19, 2019

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Slander – Defamation

i know some of you know this but maybe some of you not understand. but i was having a good relationship with someone and i really like her. at first we agree not to talk our past and we try to build our relationship based on present day. but somehow suddenly i just had to separate from her, just because she heard something bad about me. i try to explain and after a long explanations, it becomes clear that she doesn’t accept it. she prefer to believe what others said to her.
they are proverb said “if someone like you, they don’t need your explanation, if someone dislike you, you don’t need to explain” 
it becomes clear to me that no matter how hard i try to explain she won’t listen, and at one time i laughing at this situation, suddenly she becomes angry because she doesn’t think this is funny and assume that i cheat on her. she thought i was married and have a son 😀 it’s so hilarious (by the way, i never get married and no i don’t have a son).. but as soon as i realize that it’s useless to give more explanation (for her it’s an excuses), i said to her : 

“i really enjoy having you by my side, have a great time with you and enjoy every moment with you. but if you don’t believe in what i said and doesn’t give me a chance to show it to you how serious i am then maybe this is the end of our road, i hope you will find a better person than me, a person that can understand you, can cheer you when you are crying, can make you smile when you are angry and be your guide when you’re lost. Hope the best for you”

frankly speaking, i was disappointed on how she behave but maybe it’s the best for both of us. hope you will find a better person and may you be happy. (oh yeah, i took this conversation from BBm with her, and the response was “yeah” “okay”.. just like that, basically she’s the one who said this relationship “not working at all”)

well now i’m single… again.. ;p. and at least i learn that i only focus on things or people that really cares about me and focus on things that what i want and love what i do. and do it more often because life is amazing and full of abundant.

be happy – live today

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  1. Qtine

    Bila memang kita belum berjodoh kepada seseorang, meskipun sudah banyak usaha yang sudah kita tempuh,pasti ada saja halangan yang bikin kita tidak bisa bersama,apapun itu bentuknya, tapi someday " BELIEVE " pasti suatu hari jika jodoh karma kita sudah dipertemukan dengan orang yang memang sudah seharusnya bersama dengan kita, meskipun apapun itu halangan yang ada, pasti tetap aja bisa

  2. YenSu

    hey, my friend….. life is complicated, and love isn't any easier. But you know what, everyone gets to that complicated road at at least one point of their life. Cheer up ^^ Sure you will find the one. If she's worth it, fight for it. Otherwise, get one that worth the fight.


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