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February 23, 2019

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TWTR – twitter


thank you for your response dear sir, here is my point of view on TWTR and hope you can view this as an additional information and not using it as your sole interpretation for entering a position.

anyway according to my perspective if you want to entry, it would be better to wait the gap close.


i’m not sure if the stocks will close the gap, but you will face the risk about -13% if you force to entri (which is i don’t know your plan). your risk to reward will be only 1: 0.73.

please do research and find any other information as i only share my information (i could be wrong).


All of the above is the result of personal research and is not intended as a suggestion or suggestion to buy or sell an instrument of investment (stock, forex, etc.). Investors (owners of investments) and traders should be aware of the risks of their actions. Any decision to buy or sell an investment instrument has risks to be understood before making a decision.
The author is not liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from the act of buying or selling investment instruments. Plan your investment / trading well and with full awareness and Personal Responsibility. Your decision is your own responsibility.
All the contents of this blog either in the form of writing, data, voice, words, text, sentences, graphics, charts, conversations, is not an invitation to buy or sell an investment instrument. EVERY DECISION OF INVESTMENT BEING A RESPONSIBILITY OF INVESTMENT OWNERS OR OWNERSHIP OWNERS..

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